Thursday, March 18, 2010

see for yourself what i've become

i'm a cheater
cause you made me that way
i'm a liar
you taught me what to say
i'm loud
when i'm yelling at you
i'm always yelling at you

i'm pretty
yeah i'm pretty full of it
i'm lame
i never know what i'm doing
i fall
when you push me down
you push me down again

i'm a theif
i never returned your heart
i'm a murderer
i wish this was the hardest part
i'm a bird
cause i'll fly away
oh i'll fly away

where am i
who am i
when am i
what am i doing!

i am cheater
i am a liar
i am loud
and i am proud

i am full of shit!
i am lame
i will fall down
will there be a crowd

i am a theif
i am a muderer
i am not a bird not a bird
cause you won't let me fly away
fly away
you won't let me fly away

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